Country Baking in Detroit

Welcome, This blog is going to be about my baking in the city. I have always loved country living and want to live in the country one day. Do you remember the Diane Keaton movie of her leaving her big city job to move to the country to raise her cousin’s baby? Since I was a young adult that has been my dream! Except no one else in my life has that same dream, lol. So this blog will be about all the country baking I would love to be doing if I lived in the country.

I will also, be trying to photograph these delicious baked goods too. So that means I will need to learn to take photos. I’m the person that knows nothing about taking pictures! I’m the person that can’t, don’t and won’t even try to take a selfie! So will start taking photography classes and share the information and pictures with you, YUCKS!


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I would also like to do videos on this blog to show some baking techniques. This will be a challenge because I’m so fearful of filming myself. But, I’m so excited to learn and screw up in front of you, lol.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for following me on this journey…